Disinfecting Fogger Machines for Leisure

Kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria on surfaces Suitable for all industries Fast acting in less than one minute Non-irritating to skin Alcohol-free Non-Flammable Eco-FriendlyKills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria Suitable for all industries Fast acting in less than one minute Non-irritating to skin Alcohol-free Non-Flammable Eco-FriendlyKills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria Suitable for all industries Fast acting in less than one minute Non-irritating to skin Alcohol-free Non-Flammable Eco-FriendlyKills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria Suitable for all industries Fast acting in less than one minute Non-irritating to skin Alcohol-free Non-Flammable Eco-FriendlyKills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria Suitable for all industries Fast acting in less than one minute Non-irritating to skin Alcohol-free Non-Flammable Eco-Friendly

Welcome to SHIELDme™ – a trusted supplier of high-level disinfectant solutions. Our market-leading formula is suitable for all industries, and when combined with our fogging machines, makes regular cleaning quick and effective.

With our disinfecting fogger machines for leisure facilities, you’ll be able to implement a more effective cleaning routine that’ll help keep 99.99% of viruses and bacteria at bay from your surfaces. To discuss this with our team, call +44 1708 377731.

Introducing Our Incredible SHIELDme™ Formula

Leisure facilities, such as gyms and swimming pools, have always been notorious for providing havens for germs to multiply. For example, gyms involve customers sweating and exhaling heavily as they work out, which introduces a lot of potential germs into the environment. And so, to keep staff and customers safe, regular cleaning must be carried out. This includes intermittent cleaning and end of day cleaning – this is where our disinfectant fogger machines for leisure facilities come in.

First, our formula. Our SHIELDme™ formula is FDA-approved and comprises super oxidised water and hypochlorous acid (HOCl). Not only is our formula eco-friendly and non-flammable, but it’s also alcohol-free, so won’t irritate the skin. It’s suitable for all industries, making it a versatile option for use with electric cold foggers for leisure environments. And it’s fast-acting too, able to eliminate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria on surfaces in under one minute.

Our formula can be used in something as simple as a spray bottle or added to something as cutting-edge as one of our disinfectant fogger machines. For leisure clients, the latter is a worthwhile option both for convenience and effectiveness.

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You’ll Never Go Back After Using Our Disinfectant Fogger Machines for Leisure Facilities

Our disinfectant foggers for leisure environments are available in two variants – cordless and wired. You can also choose from tank capacities, ranging from 1.6 litres to 8 litres – so, even sanitising large spaces will be super easy. These machines should comprise your daily cleaning routine as they provide a level of coverage not possible through traditional methods. For instance, with a spray distance of 6-8 metres, the formula can be dispersed quickly, and upon settling on a surface, it provides enhanced protection.

And with a cordless and wired variant of our disinfecting fogger machines, for leisure clients, convenience is all but guaranteed.

How Does it Work?

The process couldn’t be simpler – load the solution into the reservoir tank fitted to your disinfectant fogger. All you need to do at that point is switch the machine on, point the nozzle and pull the trigger. Disinfecting and electric cold foggers for leisure facilities work by vaporising the solution, turning it into a fog that disperses quickly into the room. The fog is able to get into even those hard-to-reach places that are often missed.

Upon contact to the surface, 99.99% of viruses and bacteria are eliminated in under one minute. The fog makes it easy to sanitise even large rooms very quickly, so it’s very effective for use in sanitising changing rooms, workout spaces, pool rooms, etc. Particle size is adjustable with a dry fog option (particle sizes of 10-15) and a wet fog option (20+) available. For smaller areas, such as shower rooms, dry fog is recommended. For large spaces, such as workout areas, wet fog is recommended.

Whichever setting you use; the process remains the same. To use our disinfecting fogger machines for leisure environments, simply follow these steps:

  • Charge the Device/ Plug It In
  • Fill the Tank with Our SHIELDme™ Solution
  • Switch Machine on and Adjust Particle Size
  • Aim the Nozzle and Press the Button
  • Spray Area
  • Switch Off and Store in a Cool, Dry Place

Most Common Applications

House Life

Living Areas, Kitchens, Bedrooms, and more


Schools, Childcare Facilities and Nurseries


General, Clinical
and Dental

Sports And Leisure

Sports Grounds, Gyms and Swimming Pools


Shopping malls, shops, supermarkets, and more


Living Areas, Kitchens, Bedrooms, and more


Coaches, Buses, Cars, Aircraft, Trains, Tubes, Taxis and more

Why Choose Us for Disinfecting and Electric Cold Foggers for Leisure Environments?

For any leisure environment, cleanliness and hygiene are of the utmost importance. Harmful bacteria and viruses can spread quickly if not kept in check, so regular, thorough cleaning is important. While traditional methods can be somewhat effective, they often fall short of the mark. Enter our SHIELDme™ formula and our disinfecting fogger machines. For leisure customers, our products should form an invaluable part of your cleaning routine.

And just why are our disinfectant foggers for leisure environments so effective? Because of our SHIELDme™ formula. Not only is our formula eco-friendly and non-flammable, but it’s fast-acting too, capable of eliminating 99.99% of viruses and bacteria on surfaces in under one minute. And because it contains no alcohol, you won’t have to worry about skin irritations.


What is a Disinfectant Fogging Machine?

If youre simply wiping down a few surfaces, a straightforward spray bottle will be more than sufficient. However, there will be situations where this will be far from practical. Take, for instance, a GP surgery or dental clinic. Treatment rooms must be sanitised between each patient, and this can take time if youre just using a spray bottle and cloth. Plus, you could also potentially miss areas in which bacteria can lurk. 

Fogging machines work by vaporising a large quantity of the formula, converting it into a mist or fog. The process is very simple: you first start by loading the reservoir with our SHIELDme™ formula. You then simply press the button to activate the machine. Using the flexible hose with rotating sprayer head, the machine disperses the formula into the room. 

Because its in a vaporised form, the fog/ mist is able to seep into every space and find every nook and cranny. This ensures that traces of bacteria are unable to lurk out of sight where they would be otherwise missed by someone with a spray bottle and cloth. The beauty of a fogging machine is that the process is super-fast. An entire room can be sanitised in a matter of minutes, and as the formula dries with no residue, theres no need to go round with a damp cloth afterwards. 

Available as cordless and mains-powered, our disinfectant foggers can achieve a spray distance of up to 10m, depending on the model. This ensures complete coverage in rooms of any size, regardless of dimensions. 

Where Can Fogging Machines Be Used?

Bacteria and viruses can be found on any surface, so it was vital to us at SHIELDme™ that our fogging machines and portable fogging machines not be limited to certain applications. In fact, youll find that these devices are essential for providing high-level sanitisation in all public spaces. The most prevalent use of this technology is in healthcare environments. 

Hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, research labs, etc., are environments where cleanliness and hygiene are of paramount importance. Take GP surgeries and dental clinics as an example. Treatment rooms must be sterilised between patients, and this is a time-consuming process if done using a spray bottle and cloth. Our fogging machines make quick work of this, ensuring a treatment room is not out of action for any longer than 20 minutes, best case scenario.

But the applications for our portable fogging machines dont end there. Educational, leisure, retail, and hospitality venues can be havens for bacterua. All see a large amount of footfall, and often standards of personal hygiene and cleanliness can vary wildly. The risk of contamination in these areas is very high, and so routine sterilisation of these public spaces is necessary. 

Public transport is another area in which these machines can be used as well as places of worship, such as churches, mosques, and synagogues. Plus, farmers can use our fogging machines to prevent bacteria from building up to lethal levels – something which can easily devastate livestock. Finally, our portable foggers can also be used around the home – thats right; our machines are even used by homeowners right across the UK. 

Why Should You Use a Fogging Cleaning Machine?

Weve touched on this above already, but the long and short of it is that disinfectant fogging machines help to make your life easier while providing you with peace of mind. For businesses to operate and homeowners to feel safe, its important to keep spaces sanitised, free of harmful bacteria. 

While using a spray bottle and cloth has limited success, its nowhere near as effective, taking a long time to achieve somewhat semi-successful results. By switching to a fogging cleaning machine, you can greatly increase your success rate while dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes. This is because our disinfectant foggers do all the work for you. 

By pressing a button, our unique SHIELDme™ formula is vaporised, turning it into a mist/ fog through the application of pressure. The formula is dispersed into the room through the attached nozzle and rotating sprayer head. Once in the room, it settles on surfaces and seeps into even the tiniest crevices. In a matter of minutes, youll have achieved complete coverage – what might have taken an hour or so with a spray bottle and cloth. 

Not only that, but youll have a successfully sanitised areas which may have otherwise been inaccessible with a spray bottle and cloth. Our fogging machines make it possible to clean large spaces quickly and effectively. This makes them especially useful for situations where a room must be cleaned between use, such as a dental treatment room. 

Where Can You Get A Fogging Machine From?

Now that youve read about all the great benefits of our disinfectant fogging machines, you are probably wondering where you can acquire one from. The first step is to click on the SHIELDme™ website and navigate to our products page. Here youll find a complete list of all the products which you can purchase from us. Included in this list are our disinfectant fogging machine variants. 

Underneath each listing, youll find a link which will take you to the product page. From here, you will find details of how to contact us. Once in touch, we will be able to process your order and get your new disinfectant fogger delivered to your chosen address. You can expect your fogger to be delivered by courier and well-packaged, protecting it while in transit. 

You will receive a 1-year warranty when purchasing one of our disinfecting foggers, and this will be valid if you use our SHIELDme solution. 

How Long Does It Take to Use a Disinfectant Fogging Machine in a Room?

Thoroughly cleaning and sanitising an entire room can take quite some time, especially if its a large room with a lot of objects and furniture in the way. Consider large open spaces, like industrial environments, or rooms with high ceilings, and it becomes even more time-consuming and problematic. The truth is that you can spend hours and not managed to clean every nook and cranny. 

The beauty of using disinfectant foggers is that they drastically slash the time it takes to clean even large, open spaces. Simply load the fogger up with your chosen disinfectant (we recommend our unique, fast-acting SHIELDme™ formula), point the nozzle where you want to start, and youre good to go. Because the fogger vaporises the formula, turning it into a mist or fog, its able to cover a much larger area. 

As the fog/ mist disperses into the room, it comes to rest on surfaces. It enables you to tackle those hard-to-reach areas without having to grab a step ladder. And because it seeps into every little crevice, its able to target bacteria wherever it lurks. 

In total, it can take around half an hour to sanitise a medium-sized room with you only having to be present for around a third of that time. 

How Can Industrial Fog Machines Be Used?

Its not just small to medium-sized rooms, like treatment rooms, wards, shops, and office spaces that can be rife with bacteria, industrial spaces can be too. For instance, a factory can easily contain a couple of hundred employees. In such environments, the need for sanitisation isnt particularly high and so harmful bacteria can potentially gain a foothold. 

The large 12L capacity of our bigger disinfectant foggers makes these devices perfectly suited for such environments. From warehouses to production floors, you can use our foggers to quickly sanitise entire areas. This is good news as such environments are often impossible to sanitise using spray bottles and cloths. 

Industrial fog machines can be used by farmers too. Bacteria can quickly sweep through livestock to devastating effect. Best case scenario, the farmer loses most, if not all, of their livestock. Worst case scenario, something bad makes it into the food chain leading to a more serious issue. When dealing with farms, youre talking large barns, stables, and enclosures that cannot be cleaned through conventional methods.   

But with a disinfectant fogger, these environments can be completely and thoroughly sanitised. Plus, as our unique formula is eco-friendly, you can have peace of mind when using our fogging machines. 

What Are the Benefits of Using a Disinfectant Fogger Machine?

If youve ever tried cleaning an entire room using a spray bottle and cloth, youll know how much hard work it can be. Not only does it take time, especially if you must stop to move objects out of your way, but it also isnt anywhere near as effective as you think. Often, youre missing spots or not going over areas sufficiently enough to achieve complete sanitisation. And if you use the same cloth throughout, you could risk spreading bacteria about the place. 

The advantage of disinfectant fogging machines is that they vaporise the formula, dispersing it into the room where it interacts with any exposed surfaces. This includes the floors, walls, and even the ceiling – an area that often gets missed. Not only that, but the fog/ mist also gets into even the tiniest crevices; spaces where you couldnt possibly reach with a cloth. Simply put, wherever bacteria lurks, the formula will seek them out. 

The process is both quick and easy. You simply load up the portable fogger, press the button to activate and point then nozzle. The formula itself dries quickly and leaves behind no residue, so theres no need to go round with a damp cloth afterwards. If you need to make ready a treatment room quickly or carry out thorough end-of-day cleaning, our fogging machines will save you a great deal of time. Youll be able to sterilise an entire room very quickly, regardless of size or dimensions. These devices are powered too, so you wont have to manually pump the formula. 

What Fogging Chemicals Are Used?

Fogging machines can be used in conjunction with all types of liquid, such as fumigants and anti-mould sprays. These machines are commonly used in tandem with disinfectant liquids, and when you purchase a fogger from us, youll have the option of purchasing the disinfectant at the same time. Our unique SHIELDme™ formula does not contain any harsh chemicals. 

This immediately sets it apart from all those other chemicals which can be loaded into disinfectant fogging machines. Our formula is eco-friendly, containing hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and super oxidised water. HOCl occurs naturally in our bodies and is produced by our immune systems to help stave off infection while providing a novel form of wound care. 

When used outside the body, HOCl has been shown to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on surfaces. When distributed by our disinfectant fogging machines, it disperses into the room, eliminating traces of viruses and bacteria on contact. 

As it dries, the disinfectant dissipates, leaving behind no residue thatll need to be wiped away by a damp cloth. Instead, youll be left with a work or living space thats completely sanitised. Its a non-irritant, so you dont have to worry about skin irritations. Plus, it contains no alcohol. 

How Do Fogging Machines Work?

For situations where a spray bottle and cloth simply wont do, theres the disinfectant fogging machine. Unlike a spray bottle, a fogger is able to cover a much larger area quickly. This makes it very useful for situations like in hospitals where large wards need to be sanitised regularly. But how do fogging machines work? In essence, they use pressure to vaporise the liquid in the onboard reservoir. 

Through pressure, this liquid is turned into a mist or fog which is then distributed via a hose and nozzle equipped with a rotating sprayer head. With our portable disinfectant foggers, a distance of up to 10 metres is possible, depending on the model, though spray density and distance can be moderated. A minimum distance of six metres can also be achieved. 

Our fogging machines should be used with our unique SHIELDme™ formula for maximum benefits. This is because when using a fogging machine, any solution can hang in the air and linger on surfaces. But our formula dries quickly and leaves behind no residue, eliminating this concern entirely. 

As you use it correctly, a portable fogger can be an invaluable piece of equipment that will ensure any room remains completely sanitised. 

Is a Fogger Machine the Same as a Fumigation Machine?

Fogging and fumigation machines work very differently to one another, and while there is some overlap, its best to not confuse one with the other. Fumigation machines work by releasing (often highly toxic) gas into the environment while a fogger vaporises a liquid, turning it into a mist or fog. Generally speaking, anyone can use a disinfectant fogger with very limited training. In contrast, fumigation machines can only be operated by licensed, professional fumigators. 

Because of how foggers work, they can be used in open environments, whereas fumigation machines are limited to enclosed and airtight spaces for maximum effectiveness. Its also worth noting that unless proper, strict safety protocols are followed, the gas released by fumigation machines can be deadly. By contrast, occasional exposure to the fog given off by a fogging machine carries a very low risk of harm. 

If youre still unsure as to the difference between a fogging machine and a fumigation machine or have any other questions or concerns, you can always call the SHIELDme™ team. Well be more than happy to advise you. 

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SHIELDme™ kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in quick time. It is non-alcoholic, non-irritating, non-flammable, and eco-friendly.

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If you would like to make enquiries concerning our disinfecting fogger machines for leisure facilities, call SHIELDme™ today on +44 1708 377731, email us at info@shieldme.uk or fill in our contact form.


Hear what SHIELDme™ customers have to say about our products.

We were recommended the Shield fogging system by a colleague from another boarding school, a great recommendation the equipment has become an invaluable part of our cleaning and disinfection regime. It is a simple piece of kit, but allows us to disinfect large or small areas quickly and efficiently. We have saved countless hours of extra labour, and it allows us to operate with the knowledge that we are keeping our community as safe as we can.

Tracy Domestic Service Manager
Kings College Taunton

I would like to say how impressed I was with the response from the company, & the time taken by Charlotte to show us how to use our fogging machines that we have now purchased, the machines are working well, would highly recommend, great service delivery all round.

Steve Contract Manager
London South Bank University

We are an Academy in South East London, we have nearly 1000 students and staff, using SHIELDme fogging machine is a major problem solver in disinfecting halls, classrooms, corridors in a such short time( Literally few minutes) and efficiently to be 100% confident to say these places are safe to use. We are using SHIELDme automatic hand sanitizers too in key places within our building where the feedback from our students , staff and visitors make them feel safe to be in our Academy. Thank you SHIELDme.

London University of Engineering