Alcohol Free Disinfectant for Restaurants!

Are you looking for an alcohol free disinfectant for restaurants that contains no harmful chemicals?

Every bottle is prepared fresh, on-site, and on-demand. The formula itself is lethal against 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on surfaces. To find out more, call our team today on +44 1708 377 731

Purchase Our Eco-Friendly Non-Alcoholic Disinfectant for Restaurants

At SHIELDme™, we’ve developed a range of products and technologies to help restaurant owners, including alcohol-free disinfectant for restaurants.

What makes our disinfectant so special is that it contains no harsh chemicals and not a single drop of alcohol. While other disinfectant can leave behind unpleasant, chemical odours, our disinfectant does not.

Our Alcohol Free Disinfectant for Restaurants Explained

Our non-alcoholic disinfectant for restaurants is different because it comprises super oxidised water along with a substance that’s created by our bodies – hypochlorous acid (HOCl). HOCl is produced by our white blood cells, and its primary function is to stave off infection while assisting with healing wounds. Because of this, it is recognised by our bodies as a useful, harmless substance, so won’t cause any side effects.

And as we stated above, our disinfectant for restaurants is effective at killing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria on surfaces.

To ensure our products remain supremely effective, we ground the development of our alcohol free disinfectant for restaurants in continuous scientific testing and improvement. The formula we’ve developed is one of the most effective options available and will make for an excellent replacement for any chemical option you’re currently using.

If you would like to learn more about our disinfectant or any of our other products, feel free to call SHIELDme today.

KILLS 99.99% OF
Sanitised Restaurant

Why Choose Our Disinfectant for Restaurants?

Here at SHIELDme™, we remain committed to our goal of providing realistic solutions that are of true public value. Our alcohol free disinfectant for restaurants has proven highly effective. Our aim was to create products that would also serve as reliable go-to options in the event of future emergencies.

Our non-alcohol disinfectant for restaurants has received all the various endorsements from bodies that include the ECHA, EPA and TGA. So, you should be reassured as such accreditations are not easily come by.

alcohol free disinfectant for restaurants

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